The third part of our Business Excellence Trilogy, is building "CUSTOMER FOCUSSED CAPABILITY" For any organization, the sales force is the critical revenue earner and indeed a top priority. The sales function is always overloaded; chasing targets for the quarter. Hence long term improvement issues are addressed only when they reach a crisis level.

Our SALESFORCE TURNAROUND program is not a mere "event" but a proactive process; where Customer Focussed Capability is raised to the next level.

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SALES-XL© Strategic Sales Performance (CONSULTING)

SALES-XL© is a sales performance improvement program, is dedicated to helping large pan-India salesforces, transition from merely selling products to a strategic approach to customer value creation. We have, a proven PEOPLE + PROCESS integrated approach to achieve this.

Market oriented companies need to address the key question: ARE WE DOING THE THINGS THAT CUSTOMERS VALUE MOST AND WILL REWARD? We begin with a comprehensive sales operations review mechanisms. This follows the norm "Never avoid the tough questions" The benefit for the client company is redirecting sales strategies & operations to identify both the pains areas and opportunity for improvement.

SALES-XL© further shows how you must connect with your customer's strategy. This strategic initiative outlines how do a value mapping of your product offering from the customer's point of view; how to manage in a typical campaign key stakeholders in the decision process. It covers moving campaigns blocked through the funnel which is critical since many deals or opportunities get stuck in the funnel. It also aims at a relentless drive to perfecting CRITICAL SALES PROCESSES by revisiting old ways during the campaign overcoming sales obstacles & handling testing situations.

SALES-XL© going deeper makes you focus on what sales performance systems & processes are most suitable to execute your sales plans; determine priorities, establish sales standards/metrics; create or adjust sales compensation plans, develop or improve a sales reporting system, upgrade the talent management process to build a better salesforce for tomorrow It shows how achieving consistently high sales productivity requires salespeople who are engaged and aligned in a common organizational direction.

SALES-XL© underscores its simply impossible to improve your organization's sales capabilities without a consistent methodology; hence we identify and replicate best practices through the sales organization; developing a replicable and scalable sales process Finally we help in pulling it all together and documenting your sales process. We always keep things simple for salespeople and managers, because streamlined approaches are more likely to be adopted.

OPTIMUS© - Institutionalize the culture of sales excellence

OPTIMUS© develops sales manager responsible for IMPLEMENTATION of the BIG marketing strategy. It is takes off from SALES XL (the consulting part) which outlines a sales processes and systems to be standardized and consistently implemented.

OPTIMUS© a multi modular coaching and training initiative guides sales managers to a high horizon level from a sales "doer" to a sales enabler; by thinking better & thinking AHEAD. It provides the knowhow to independently manage & monitor the sales campaign - from setting objectives to executing strategies. Its goal is aligning sales practices with company goals and relooking at sales metrics to measure performance. In summation OPTIMUS© aims to institutionalize the culture of sales excellence showing how sales managers work for continuous improvement of best practices. Nothing can be a better investment than developing the business & leadership competencies of your hi potential / hi performing sales managers.


Our sales training is distinguished for its holistic approach. We undertake the whole gamut of salesforce capability & skills development : understanding the competency gap, designing training interventions in critical competency/behavioural areas, providing avenues for on-the-job learning & growth etc. We are able to measure, monitor and reinforce sales competency & behavioural improvements. We have trained over 15300 (and still counting) sales-field professionals & managers in direct/institutional selling & customer relations management, commercial negotiating & key account management & sales leadership. All CUTTING EDGE features of a market oriented company!

THE RESULTS SHOW - Our clients have had immediate gains and more sustainable benefits year-on-year! Our client feedback indicates all our clients see us as a high quality, flexible firm that meets their needs, and 100% say they would work with us again.

K.A.M.P.© - Key Customer Account Management Program

Winning complex sales has become more complicated than ever. In today's business scenario, companies are investing more of their resources in a few key customer accounts in order lower costs; sharpen focus & increase account revenue & profitability. Key Customer Accounts however comes as a double-edged sword - while they can contribute a sizeable portion to your company's bottom-line. They also become the target of competition and have greater bargaining power to better their own terms.

Managing key accounts and maximizing their potential, requires a different set of skills & process than usual selling. This includes training of designing a different sales cycle and selling techniques; the elimination of organizational barriers, role analysis of key account managers and forming companywide customer service teams, and a strategic approach to customer relationship management. Key Customer Account Management is a proven sales intervention to achieve growth targets for the business.

SALES CHAMP @ WORK© - The reality is facing the customer at the frontline

SALES CHAMP @ WORK© works from a sales empowerment viewpoint: frontliners are taught to be prepared for even the most complex deals ; they learn the process and tools needed to break down complex sales into understandable components and conduct an analysis for accounts with multiple decision makers. The result they manage sales opportunities better and make continuous progression to learn and adapt to these new challenges and real world applications.

SALES CHAMP @ WORK© covers the array of techniques to overcome buyer hesitations and explore unrecognized needs; create impactful client interactions with both planned or spontaneous interactions with buyers (salespeople can't just deliver a one-size-fits-all sales pitch). We have company specific customization to ensure we cover real-time sales negotiation situations and deadlocks; which show how to protect margins and maintain profitability. It shows how to add power to your selling with trust building, listening for valuable insights and ideas to and from customers; know how to present with impact to differentiate from competition. And finally build a foundation of customer service excellence to create loyal and long-term customer relationships. This program can revitalize your frontline approach for each phase of the sales process.


Our ever-demanded, training module TRAINING OF SALES TRAINERS has empowered many sales managers with the knowledge; techniques & resources to become internal sales trainers/coaches. It is essential any sales organisation has a set of internal sales trainers who are able to carry forward, the legacy of sales excellence, we leave behind for our clients.


"... SALES XL© was a real eye opener to the blind-spots in our sales strategy and processes. We were immediately able to work on critical issues in the first year to yield a marked improvement in both sales and profitability. The stepped approach for the year-on-year improvement has made us a formidable player in our competitive market..."

"... I participated in OPTIMUS© after working in sales management for almost 18 years, I had run out of new ideas. It really provided me and others in the learning group with a clear understanding of what changes I need to make to build an effective sales force. We identified unproductive tasks to implement a total process improvement..."

"... The training program K.A.M.P.© (KEY CUSTOMER ACCOUNTS PROGRAM) lifted us to a new horizon level in Sales Management processes & tactics. Our current practices were continually challenged. We saw growth in sales which we did not experience in the last five years..."

"... TRAINING OF SALES TRAINERS was a wonderful experience. For the first time we were in a new role... which made us feel we could get the junior in our team to benefit from our knowledge & experience. What I like most Dr Wilfred Monteiro ability to simplify training techniques and as a result I was instilled with confidence to conduct my very first training module that very week..."

"... SMART BUSINESS NEGOTATING was a great learning experience after being 21 years in selling. I was able to revamp my negotiating style with the knowledge and insight. It is interesting to know that- no matter what kind of market we operate; we can learn & apply the techniques we learnt..."