META + COACH© - the definitive model for executive coaching


META + COACH is a proprietary model developed by Dr Wilfred Monteiro in 2011 Its objective is to interrelate personal aspirations and role demands with the organizations current and future business challenges and goals.

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META COACHING is an holistic model covering the three essential domains of executive excellence - personal growth; interpersonal competence and role effectiveness. The coachee and coach work in equal partnership to identify organize, and work upon important life & work priorities and building upon strengths. The approach is self-exploration; identifying development needs, planning development activities and collaborative problem-solving in a highly personalized relationship with the coach. The key to any effective coaching intervention lies in a relationship of trust and honest feedback between the coach and the coachee. This approach has proved to be effective in reinforcing positive behaviors and further develop strengths and analyze the root cause of areas of improvement. This is fortified in the focused action plan; supported by hands-on guidance that leads to a quantum improvement in manager's performance.

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The Meta+Coach was particularly designed for a hard pressed managers who need support and guidance when at the crossroads: making major career leaps, overcoming recurrent performance issues, addressing competency gaps and tackling complex assignments. We've found that our most successful coaching clients come to us when they want to strengthen mission critical positions in the company; or they want hi-performers and hi-potentials to improve their array of managerial and leadership skills to fast-forward their careers. Other client needs us when are when team leaders are looking to transition - into a bigger role or new career path.

Yet the best time to hire an executive coach is to capture opportunity for growth rather than to address pain areas. We recommend clients undertake pre-emptive and proactive interventions to improve engagement and improve retention. Winning companies want to get more from their prime talent but they don't know where to start! We can show you the pathway and the best model to successful coaching.



"META+COACH model is a powerful model for self-discovery and self-renewal both for business and career growth.. Dr Wilfred Monteiro is a dedicated leadership coach who has helped our hi-potentials with new ideas, career guidance and learning support. He is sincerely concerned with the success of the learner...."

The coach has a unique ability to quickly cut through clutter and focus on root challenges that obstacle personal & professional growth. His cordial style fosters a highly personalized relationship that builds trust and rapport. The coachees have acknowledged the increased ability to direct and lead people has amplified the respect, influence, and working relationships they have with team members.

The methodology and the personal involvement of Dr Wilfred Monteiro lead to a quantum rise in the managerial style and performance levels of our managers. They were so energized by the content that they cascaded their personal learnings and takeaways within their team. Through word of mouth, they created exactly the kind of appetite to spread the program for operating managers. Dr W Monteiro's Meta-coaching program has delivered realistic and immediate results that have impacted my company's bottom line.

Dr Monteiro is a true enabler: inspiring clients and colleagues to be the best they can be. The coaching inputs led to a much wider appreciation of the things that are important to me. It has taught me to take things further played a major role in my growth and development. It has been an eye opener for putting me back on track on areas of my unknown weaknesses.

I always feel enlightened and relaxed after a coaching session. Dr Monteiro has a very natural style ; he displays empathy for his clients, and is therefore sensitive when dealing with problem areas. I would have no hesitation in recommending Dr Monteiro to anyone who was in need of a coach.