The second feature of our Business Excellence trilogy, is to help client company's to hit the moving target - of  linking  PEOPLE & PERFORMANCE...and thereby
*  putting  HRD @ the heart of business strategy.
           *  become an "E M P L O Y E R-O F-C H OI C E"
We have designed "from scratch" systems & procedures for "NEWGEN" (start up companies of techno-entrepreneurs)..We have guided their policy and program implementation to meet upstart  growth

H R M Excellence Audit® 

We are best remembered for promoting the concept and framework of H R M  EXCELLENCE AUDIT    a comprehensive & practical assessment mechanism - for upcoming companies , who aim to reach new horizon levels. It provides clarity and focus in the form of analysis & interpretation.       
 H R M  EXCELLENCE AUDIT    can show you whether:

  • HR systems are focused on creating value for the business;
  • Action is required to deploy your talent more productively;
  • Performance measures are driving HRM systems polices & practices;
  • You have the commitment of your key people to the direction of the business

The HRM EXCELLENCE AUDIT results will inform where and when improvement actions should be targeted for optimum effect.  It reveals whether there is agreement about the priorities for improvement. It exposes blockages that will inhibit progress. It enables  the top leadership to start getting  key people engaged on a positive agenda. It helps leaders, across all levels/functions,  to get their workforce focused, committed and moving in fast-forward mode (visit our blogspot


WORKPLACE-OF-FIRST-CHOICE® is where people work with a smile on their face and a dreams in their eyes. High-Performance Organizations don't take workplace culture for granted; they manage it… Great companies foster a passion for the business that encourages people to give their best and at the same time creates a more fulfilling workplace for the employee. S M A works with clients to instill a culture that matches a firm's strategic aspirations. When that gap exists, it requires changes in policies, practices, systems, and structures to create the new, desired culture. Our CULTURE TRANSFORMATION process identifies—and closes—that gap. Towards these objectives we have spear-headed long term initiatives for  : by building a employer brand; nurturing  a supportive corporate culture and bringing about workplace excellence through an array of employee satisfaction initiatives.....

SMA’S Talentmaster®.

Managing top talent is a key to the future performance of all organizations. We gear our approach to the  specific question clients need to answer…DO YOUR TALENT MANAGEMENT PRACTICES ENABLE YOU TO ATTRACT, DEVELOP, AND RETAIN THE TALENT YOU NEED TO ACHIEVE YOUR BUSINESS OBJECTIVES?

offers a clear process to measure, align and develop talent against the current and future business needs. We help our clients stay one step ahead of their needs, placing the right talent, at the right time, into mission-critical roles within their evolving businesses. Thereby creating a pipeline of “future stars” who are ready to drive their organizations to the next level. We help clients identify realistic, effective pathways for talent to bloom within an organization… we create "WORKPLACE LEARNING CENTRES" through our round-the-year Leadership & Management Competency Development Training Modules - customized to fit the clients' unique business requirements & busy work schedules. (Visit our blogspot

Performatic© - a total performance management system

Our prime achievement has been the conceptualization & execution of PERFORMATIC© (a total performance management system).Performance management is not only the backbone of an HR system but provides substantial competitive advantage. When it is  effectively used, it   can influence all organizational processes —with a direct impact on the bottom line. 
PERFORMATIC ©  ensures seamless execution, in full alignment with its other important HR systems. We have  in past client projects leveraged their performance management systems to retain top talent, invigorate their workforces, reduce turnover, align capabilities, and grow their business. We not only model the process, but further  track how well the system works, and most of all, coach your managers  to become skilled users of the system.

Client Feedback

".... Dr Wilfred Monteiro brings with him rich experience from his past consulting assignments. We owe him thanks  for orienting our  line managers into the HR movement.... What we like best, is the break from the bookish approach  or academic theories found in most HR practioners...".

"...Dr Wilfred Monteiro is truly THE RESOURCE in the area of HRM .... not only is he a good conceptualizer  but also knows the practical nitty-gritty of  implementation... His thorough review of our HR systems and polices was a 3D scan which helped to discover “black holes” in our system and look for unique insights for improvement”

“The intervention on talent management & workplace culture improvement  was tailored to our individual needs, and focused on our objectives— We were further encouraged to use their services to polish our performance management systems which was dull and uninspiring to our managers We were happy with the improvement … truly a unique approach .”


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