The main pillar of our Business Excellence Trilogy is CHANGE-AT-THE- TOP .....the company can only be as good as, its business leaders who devise the corporate vision, guide strategy, ensure policy implementation

ACE : Achieving Corporate Excellence

Our star training program  :  ' ACE : ACHIEVING CORPORATE EXCELLENCE- THE LEADERSHIP FACTOR " has been hosted several times, by premier management bodies & chambers of commerce all over  India. We address the key question: WHAT ARE THE KEY LEVERS IN YOUR BUSINESS MODEL TO DRIVE LONG TERM COMPETITIVENESS??? We help delegates understand a “SPIRIT OF EXCELLENCE” where the new approach are reinforced and sustained by systems  improvement & a shift in values and beliefs are actualized, resulting in measurable impact on enterprise performance. As a logical extension, we have facilitated in-company strategy planning retreats to customize it to a company’s requirement

Pathfindertm© the strategy planning retreat

Companies need to identify blind spots, check direction & clear the backlog of drift  caused by sporadic growth or a reactionary approach to managing. A key component of building competitive organizations  is to ensure that your core operating principles, organizational structure, performance framework, management processes, culture, and job accountabilities are fully aligned to your strategy, and that they deliver improvements in performance. 

Our systematic corporate planning process: PATHFINDER© helps clients create a practical roadmap that enables them to implement their strategies effectively by bridging  the gap between strategy, operations, structure and people - with a focus on execution. ( Our unique achievement is assist our clients to DESIGN  & STARTUP  their own Business Excellence Models & Balanced Scorecard (without undue cost or ceremony) for self-assessment & continuous improvement… This has been confirmed as  a  value added  proposition by our past clients A distinct outcome, has been identifying  STRATEGIC  INITIATIVES to  ignite a new corporate renewal.

Execution : The Discipline of Winning Companies

Vision without Execution is Delusion…the most critical source of competitive advantage is quite often the ABILITY TO EXECUTE. What every major change program needs to succeed is a solid execution plan that enables consistency and alignment. This workshop is unique; It is the “missing link” between aspirations and results -the real test of the strategic leader. Through a real time case, participants learn the discipline to mesh strategy with reality, understanding business complexities; challenges in getting things done; align people with goals to achieve the results. In our workshop, we maximize knowledge assimilation in the participants through combination of case discussions, exercises to help managers create actual work plans and activities to create measures and identify the key activities that will predict goal achievement. 

Leadership & The Family Managed Enterprise

A major research area in the last decade in are clients companies has been Leadership & Family Managed Enterprise… ( We have remodeled  "GEN-NEXT" family managed companies, companies who wish to change their DNA and benchmark with the multinational competitor; facing a critical phase of  passing the baton to the next generation...our MENTORING & COACHING program for succession planning of business scions has been a proven solution.

CXO-METACOACH®  … leadership development model

CXO-METACOACH® recognizes that organizations embark on leadership initiatives because it represents a solution to their business problems. We identify the leadership capabilities demanded of your business plans and assess how your current leaders match up. We help leaders recognize how their “old” behaviors do or do not support the “new” strategy and clearly understand what leadership excellence looks like in business transformation and learn how to change behaviors.  CXO METACOACH®(blogspot… enables executives to clearly understanding their current and future roles. Executive coaching also lays out the means to put into practice changes necessary to deliver results  & reach new performance breakthroughs. 

Client Feedback :

" ...We conducted the strategy retreat for our company… we are thankful to Dr Monteiro, who has the uncanny knack, to make the complex appear simple ....besides his change program helped us to have first rate strategic intent with first rate strategic implementation..."

"...  EXECUTION: the discipline of winning companies was s the best program I have experienced in the art of managing & getting things done… we recognized the art of project planning and executing in the simplest of terms I learned so much in just two days, gaining the tools to introduce small changes that bring about huge improvements in practice…”
 “CXO METACOACH model is a powerful model for self-discovery and self-renewal both for business and career growth.. Dr Wilfred Monteiro is a  dedicated  leadership coach who has helped our young GenX  with new ideas, career guidance and learning support. He is sincerely concerned with the success of the mentee...."